Downloading Language Support Pack

Before setting up your browser, you need to download and install the free Japanese Language Support pack in your browser as follows:
  1. Go to Microsoft Windows Update website The Products Update page displays.
    Note: If the Security Warning window displays, select the Always trust content from Microsoft Corporation checkbox and click Yes.
  2. On the Products Update page, scroll down to International Language Support.
  3. Select Japanese Language Support checkbox.
  4. Click the Download at the top of the page. The Download Checklist window displays.
  5. Click the Start Download icon. The terms and conditions window displays.
  6. Click Yes to accept the terms and conditions. The software download begins.
    Note: It can take several minutes to download the software.
  7. When the download and installation process is finished, close all windows and restart your computer.

Setting Up Your Browser

Use this procedure to configure your Internet Explorer web browser to display pages using Japanese fonts. Before setting up your browser, ensure you have downloaded and installed the Japanese Language Support pack.

To set the browser to read Japanese:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
    The homepage displays.

  2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    The Internet Options window displays.

  3. Click the General tab.

  4. Click Fonts.
    The Fonts window displays.

  5. For Language Script select Japanese;

  6. For Web Page Font, select Ms Gothic;

  7. For Plain Text Font, select Ms Gothic;

  8. Click OK.
    Control returns to the Internet Options window.

  9. Click OK.
    The Internet Options window closes.

To select the encoding to view Japanese text:

  1. Open the View menu.

  2. From the Encoding submenu, select Japanese (SHIFT-JIS).
    The new encoding is set.

    Note: If at any time a website does not display the new fonts correctly, repeat steps 1 and 2.