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Search Engine Promotion

Search engines are the main tools for international online users to utilize to search for information. These days, majority of businesses have an online presence and may not have their information available to these search engines. eTranslate will assists in online

eTranslate specialises in empowering businesses to market their information internationally. With this, your business offerings will be registered to the major English and in-country search engines, driving more traffic to your website.

Why Language Search Engine Optimization?
Search engines are the most used method for visitors accessing websites. In 46% of cases they are used as the means of accessing/finding a website. Not only do they provide the volume of visitors, but correctly implemented they can also provide you with the most ‘qualified’ user on the Internet.

These Internet ‘surfers’ in effect are qualified by the keyword that has used by them to find your site. Someone who types into a search engine, ‘used cars for sale’ is highly likely looking to buy a used car.

Search Engine Promotion is essential for any organisation wishing to see a return on the, often substantial investment being made into web developments. Ensuring that your site is found by anyone looking for your services is an essential part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Our approach and technology focuses on improving your existing sites indexability, and the creation of new content targeting specific keyword phrases for the new site.

Our service will also provide quarterly reporting along with a regular strategic review sessions to analyse past results and determine future changes and strategies.

eTranslate’s major business is the understanding of search engine optimisation for commercial web sites. This service is known as eTranslate search engine promotion.

eTranslate exists to maximise, and optimise the return on investment for traffic to our clients websites, by using mechanisms that map to the markets primary objective; “Driving traffic to websites at a financially viable cost”, and to the services offered.

Benefits of Search Engines for Traffic Boosting

  1. Searching is the second most popular online activity after email.
  2. More people find sites via search engines than any other method.
  3. Search engines produce highly targeted traffic with higher conversion ratios thereby directly impacting on increasing site revenues.
  4. Search engines promote your site 24 hours - 365 days a year.
  5. Search engines have a residual affect long after the initial promotion has ended.
  6. Search engines offer one of the greatest returns on investment of any online and offline marketing activity. The cost per search engine visitor can be 10 to 20 cents as opposed to other means like banners, which in reality are closer to $10 to $15.
  7. There is no starting or end point on the web so your site MUST be linked somewhere in order for people to find it. Search engines provide the most comprehensive linking.
  8. Search engines are easy to use. Your site can appear in hundreds of different variations of keyword searches, unlike more traditional means such as "The Yellow Pages" where you normally appear in only one category.
  9. Over 43% of people who bought online found the site via a search engine.

The search engine promotion includes paid per click and pay for inclusion with major international and local search engines. Both methods will provide guarantee to drive potential customer traffic that are looking for your products or services to your website. There will be some immediate quality traffic access your website once it has been submitted to the search engines.

For long term solution, eTranslate also offers search engine optimization. We will analyse your website and target selected keywords to obtain high ranking in the major search engines to drive more traffic to your website. We will improve your website’s structure and coding to ensure the website is more visible to the search engine. Once the engineering work is done we manually submit your website to the major search engines and monitor the progress of the ranking. eTranslate also specializes in Language Search Engine Optimization.

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